Q: How do I book?

A: To book, simply follows these simple steps: Call 0450065282 to speak to a staff member, or go to our online enquiry form /contact/ & complete the form, to get a team member to call you and talk to you about a booking.


Q: How do I make a payment?

A: Payment can be made either in cash on delivery or by paypal or bank transfer as per discussion with our team member.


Q: How much access space is required?

A: Access ways need to allow for at least 1m of space, and for the larger combo style castle at least 1.5meters of horizontal space is needed.


Q: Can we move the jumping castle during the hire period?

A: No, please do not attempt to move the jumping castle once set up due to safety requirements. “Penalties may apply if the castle is moved.”


Q: What surface can the jumping castle be set up on? 

A: The jumping castle can go on grass, dirt, concrete, paving or asphalt as long as the area is flat, and there are no ridges (i.e.: between a change of surface). Please inform us if the jumping castle will be erected on a surface that does not allow for pegs to be used (i.e.: asphalt, concrete, paving).


Q: How does a cancellation work?

A: We do not charge a cancellation fee as long as you abide by the following:

  • All cancellations can be done by contacting our office during office hours.
  • Cancellations on the day of your booking can be made again by contacting our office prior to 8 am without a cancellation charge. If we turn up and if you want to cancel the booking, there will be a minimum delivery fee charged of $100.
  • For after hours cancellations, please leave a message for us, so that we can get back to you.


Q: Does the castle need to stay up the whole time?

A: Only whilst in use. If you prefer to switch it off when not in use you may. The jumping castle will only take less than a minute to re-inflate.However when turning the power off please make sure that there is nothing in the way of the castle that may damage it as it collapses forward.


Q: Does the jumping castle require continuous supervision at all times?

A:  Yes somebody over the age of 18 yrs old will need to supervise at all times.


Q: How many children can be in the jumping castle at the same time?

A: Our jumping castles hold between 8 to 10 children all under the age of 12 years however it also depends on the jumping castle you are hiring. The responsible adult supervising the children will also need to make sure an appropriate mix of children is on the castle at any given time.


Q: Do the jumping castle have any type of rain and sun cover?

A: Yes most jumping castles do have shower and sun cover to protect the jumping castle from the heat in the summertime. In the event of rain, the cover does help however it is not 100% waterproof, therefore you are best to keep an eye on the forecast for the day of your party.


Q: Are the customers responsible for any damage or cleaning of the castle after use?

A: Customers are responsible for any damage to the castle caused by misuse or negligence and damage charges apply for the cost of repairs. Our jumping Castles get professionally cleaned and disinfected on a monthly basis.  Customers must check that the castle is in a clean state prior to set up. A $50.00 cleaning fee applies if the jumping castle needs to be additionally cleaned after your hire.


Q: What are the basic guidelines to avoid damage or staining your jumping castles?

A: Avoid bringing into the jumping castle anything that may cause damage or mess. The main things are: Shoes, sharp objects, streamers, silly strings, children with face painting, food and drinks. All of those things will damage the castle in some way (staining or tearing the vinyl). Please be very careful as you will be charged for the cost of any repairs